The Pennsylvania Trip

So, June 11-13, we went to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to attend Greg’s father’s wedding. Greg was actually in the wedding, as a groomsman, and his nephew, Logan, was the ring bearer. Logan and his mother, Jen, rode up with us, too. I don’t remember ever being *in* Pennsylvania before, just alot of driving through it on previous trips. It was pretty nice, though. On the drive up, we did get behind a truck that had “trucknuts,” so you know I had to get a picture, being the classy lady I am.

We drove up that Friday, and Greg and Logan went to the dress rehearsal, which was pretty short and sweet. Friday evening, I, Greg, Jen, and Logan had dinner (at a diner) with Greg’s father, Karl. Jen and Logan went to sleep earlier than we did. Greg and I went to a nearby bar and had a drink, and then Greg picked up some beers and hung out for a bit with Karl and Wendi’s friends (most of whom were also in the wedding party and staying at the same motel). I was pretty tired, so I went to sleep.

left to right: John (best man, IIRC), Karl (Greg’s dad), Greg

Saturday was the day of the wedding, and it was pretty great: short and to the point, but lovely all the same.

The pastor and the groom’s side (although Logan had sat down at this point).

Wendi’s father (or possibly stepfather? sorry I can’t remember exactly!) had just handed her to Karl at this point.

Bridesmaids and matrons. 🙂

Lighting the unity candle. And you can kind of see Dalani, Wendi’s granddaughter, who was the flower girl. (She was pretty cute – but is at that mischievous age, and knows she’s cute, so…she’s a pistol, that one.)

Wendi’s dress was beautiful, and reminded me of glammed-up flapper style, especially with her tiara. I’m really happy I managed to get some pictures of it from the front, because it was so lovely. (The back was pretty, too, but just didn’t do it justice.)

After the wedding, we took some pictures in the rose garden, and ate quite a bit of delicious food at the reception.

I also got to meet Greg’s older half-sister, Nicole, and her husband, Charles. They were delightful, and I’m looking forward to getting to see them again, and meeting their lovely daughter, Desiree.

Then we headed back to the motel, and we were stuffed and tired, so Greg and I took a nap. If I remember correctly, Jen and Logan were playing ball outside our room. Then Jen came in to tell us there was a fire alarm going off, and several fire trucks. The firefighters were clearing the motel, so, I grabbed my teddy bear and my flip flops, and went outside in my jimjams to wait and see. We had been on the ground floor, by the way. While we were outside, we met a couple who had their huge ass mastiff with them. She was a really sweet – and really LARGE – dog. I love large dogs. She did drool on my arm, though, and it was quite different from when Chalupa drools on you. (More substance to it, a little grosser, to be honest.) Turns out, some idiot on the second floor had been taking a shower, and hung his clothes from the fire sprinkler in the bathroom. Why, I have no idea, because the fire sprinkler was on the goddamn ceiling, and there were perfectly good hooks at about eye level on the back of the bathroom door. Anyway, hanging his clothes from the sprinkler broke it and caused it to go off. So then he tried to fix it himself, genius, and – of course! – ended up breaking it even worse, as in, almost completely. So then water started flooding his room. It was so bad that three rooms on the ground floor below his room were completely flooded and ruined. (Very luckily, our room was one room over from that group. If we’d been one more room to the left, we would have been flooded, too.) It was so bad, that water was pouring off the first floor landing like a damn waterfall. And then he was so embarrassed about it, he tried to claim that he’d gotten locked into the bathroom, and purposefully broke the sprinkler, knowing that would get the firefighters to come out and get him out. All the water wasted meant that there was a shit ton of sediment in the water the rest of the evening – in the shower, in the toilet, and in the faucets in the rooms, so no drinking water. We drove around for a while trying to find some place that sold bottled water, but they don’t really have convenience stores where we were, so we ended up going back to the motel and asking at the desk. While we were getting directions to a grocery store, the manager apologized profusely, and told us the real story about how it had happened.

Greg and I found drinkable water, and then we all (me, him, Jen, and Logan) went to a pizza joint for late dinner. It was pretty delicious. Jen, Logan, and I went to sleep pretty soon after that. I think Greg stayed up a little later, hanging out with Karl and Wendi and their peeps again.

The next morning, we all met up and had breakfast at – you guessed it – another diner. But it was good! (But probably also partly why I gained some weight. Hee.) Wendi got scrapple, which I thought I had only heard of before in a song from the Tromeo and Juliet soundtrack. I learned that most people eat scrapple with syrup, but apparently apple butter is another common option. On the drive home, discussing it with Jen and Greg, I realized that I have most likely had scrapple, since, when I was growing up, my dad was a huge fan of every product Neese’s put out, and we ate lots of their stuff. So I’ve almost assuredly eaten scrapple, and that realization made me feel kind of sick and violated for a little bit. And then I realized that, if I ate it as a child, I probably liked it, and it’s not really any grosser than hot dogs, especially the in-casing hot dogs my parents fed us that one time (barf), so I got over it. I still think it’s a travesty to put apple butter on it, though. Just saying. I lurves apple butter, and in my not-so-humble opinion, it does not belong on meat products. It properly and deliciously belongs on cinnamon raisin toast. 😛

Anyway, the trip was quite nice, and getting to meet that side of Greg’s family was very nice, too. Not that I was really expecting any different – just that I have some issues with fathers/father-figures, so even though I *know* rationally that Karl isn’t the same as my dad, I still had some nervousness about meeting him. But he was very nice to me; and Wendi is a hoot and a half, and very sweet. I wish them many happy years together, and am honored to have witnessed their wedding.

Also, I would just like to take this moment to say, you know I normally am not into kids, and that’s putting it mildly. (Just about every day we run into some screaming brat or entitled asshole, and look at each other and agree that that vasectomy was the best decision EVER, for us. I am totally cool with being an aunt, or some sort of nebulous relation, and dealing with children on occasion, but I like being child-free myself at the end of the day.) But let me brag on my nephew for a minute: goddamn, Logan is SO GOOD, y’all.

(He was being silly on the ride home, and it just amused me to no end. He is also a Weird Al fan, so, yeah, awesome!)
Such an amazingly great kid, and so well-behaved, and so easy to get along with. He took those long ass drives like a champ, and behaved himself the entire time, and was just easy to please. Jen, and Kathy, and Greg not getting up quite as early as Logan? No problem, he is quite happy to amuse himself quietly. What a respectful, awesome little dude. I feel lucky to have him as a nephew (even if I’m only his aunt by marriage). He is the shit. Although I wouldn’t say that to him, because I do try to watch my language around him. (Although Jen said the cutest, and the nicest, thing about that, that any time they see us, they agree that certain words are okay for Kathy and Greg to say, and particularly Kathy, but that Logan and Jen won’t be picking them up. I thought that was sweet, and very tolerant of my admitted pottymouth. Which is why I don’t at all mind doing my best not to cuss in front of them.) Jen’s an awesome sister-in-law, too. I love Greg’s family, I guess is what I’m saying. I married Greg, and would have married him even if his family was completely jacked up – but it’s very, very nice that they’re not, and that I kind of get to inherit a very nice extended family, too, that I’m fond of. Enough blathering, I got shit to do and a camping trip to pack for.


7 thoughts on “The Pennsylvania Trip

  1. Awwh the wedding looks so cute and sweet 🙂 and I love the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses!

    That sprinkler scenario is just retarded 😐 who the fuck honestly does that? Some motel clientele must be a bit ~*special*~ I reckon.

    • I tend to like smaller weddings, for some reason. It was really sweet.

      Yeah, and that sprinkler…I don’t know. Dude must be a future Darwin Award winner or something.

  2. 1 big ol’ jar of applesauce (sweetened or unsweetened is up to you)
    8 med. granny smith apples, cut into small chunks
    4 C. sugar
    1 1/2 C. apple juice (you can add more or less about an hour before it’s done, depending on how thick you like your apple butter)
    2 t. cinnamon
    1 t. cloves
    1 t. Apple Pie Spice

    Toss everything in your crock pot. Let it cook on low for 8 hours (I do it overnight for breakfast). Taste and add sugar or spice or juice, if needed. Cook another hour, UNCOVERED, until the liquid evaporates and it looks like, well, apple butter.

    Retarded good on hot buttermilk biscuits AND cornbread. Foreal.

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