I’d like to give a shout-out to the Pillars of Creation.

Just got back from watching Hubble 3D, and it was BREATHTAKING! I’m so glad we managed to catch it before it stopped showing, and we are definitely getting it on dvd – assuming it’s released, which it HAS to be, because how can I live without it?! 😉

Just gorgeous and amazing and awe-inspiring. I was pretty much slack-jawed in wonderment the entire time, except for every so often when I felt overwhelmed almost to tears by the beauty of the universe, its vast scale, and the incredible achievements of the human race, a race so teeny tiny and humble in comparison.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the people involved in making and showing this film, and especially to all the people involved in the Hubble Project, because all that work has resulted in my feeling as expansive and good-willed towards *everything* right now as I’ve ever gotten from the best meditation session. I am just so full of wonder, and fascination, and hope, and happiness, and love for everything and everyone, and a sense of connectedness. If I wasn’t so busy feeling all *those* feelings, and had even a smidge of room for cynicism, I’d want to punch myself in the face for being such a hippy – but I can’t, because I’m too busy being such a hippy.

(And, yes, I realize there’s a possibility/probability that Rich Terrell, who I hardcore scoffed at just one post previously, had a hand in the Hubble Project, and I am so hippy-fied right now that I’m extending these warm fuzzy feelings even to him. I’m still a little boggled that someone might be paying him to research whether we’re all just part of some large cosmic experiment or don’t really exist. But I retract what I said about NASA keeping him on their payroll. I mean, whatever he wants to personally believe is his business, and if he can get someone to PAY him to research it, then, I gotta give him props for that. I’m just jealous I can’t convince some sucker to pay me to sit around and do similar.)


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