Is it Spring? Because all of a sudden, it feels like Spring.

I don’t think I ever really have a handle on seasons, at least not when they change. It’s actually Summer now, isn’t it? But all of a sudden, I feel like it’s finally Spring. What the hell.

I also feel like getting back to sewing, now that we don’t have trips coming up every weekend. (Sewing isn’t a very portable craft for me, since I’m not a huge fan of handsewing.) I’ve been drooling over Anna Maria Horner’s blog – how was I unfamiliar with her previously? What. No idea. But now I know better. I also ordered the Museum Tunic project pack in Dusk, and will be psyched to make it. So pretty! And then I added every single other pattern of hers to my crafting wishlist. Tee hee.

I also need to get started on the quilt I’ve been planning to make for forever and a day. Nothing fancy, just squares, but, you know, I would be a beginner, so, there you are. I’ve got more than enough fabric, too. Just need to get to it. Looks like I’ll be *finally* cleaning my craft room and taking care of bidness.

Over the trips, I worked on those cozies for Greg, and then took some crochet with me. I’m working on a knit hip scarf – the Faux Spanish Lace shawl, available as a Ravelry download here – and a crochet shawl I’m hoping will work as a hip scarf, and the pattern’s name escapes me. (I’ll find it later, and mention it, in case anyone cares.) And then I came across this Lotus Flower Cuff, and wanted to make it, so I took it with me on the PA and AC trips. And then for some ungodly, crackheaded reason, I realized I could join the flowers kind of diagonally, and make a hip scarf. Or join them straight up and down, and make a hip skirt or belt. So that’s what I’m currently doing. Crocheting a BAJILLION tiny lotus flowers. I must be insane. Except it’s kind of calming and enjoyable, for now at least. I’m predicting I’ll get somewhere around 30-40 flowers, and then get cranky and stop, but I’ll have too many for a cuff, but too few for a hip scarf. We’ll see. Anyway, I may have to put that on hold while I get my sewing fix.

SEW! I want to seeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!

And also, I need to get my etch on again. It is kind of scary (poison! and electric current!), but so awesome and so much fun. It will happen.

Pictures soon, I promise. I know I’m fucking wordy as hell, and all text is even more boring.


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