Kudos, swimsuit makers.

So, the last time I went swimsuit shopping, I ended up getting a cute top and some board shorts. Because, not to mince words, I’m chubby, fat, even, and I’m cool with most of it, but I am not that comfortable with my hips/thigh area. And so last summer, I guess it must have been, every goddamn piece of swimwear that was cut in such a way as to flatter that area on me was nothing more than a cover-up intended to go over an *additional* bottom piece. And the stupid cover-ups – that looked like legit swimsuit bottoms except your crotch would be falling out – were priced exactly the same as the legit swimsuit bottoms. Why am I going to pay twice for decent coverage? That’s bobo. I was pretty ill about it, and said “fuck it,” and got board shorts. (Which are cute, but, as it turns out, a wee bit too floaty when a wave comes along to wear with nothing under *them*, either. I didn’t actually have any clothing malfunctions, but it might have been a little dicey once or twice. Just maybe.)

This year? Every looser-fitting boy-short-inspired bottom, every pair of actual boardshorts, and every skirt or ruffly-sarong thing? Proper swimsuit bottoms attached. I actually heard one lady complaining about not being able to find a separate sarong, and I can see where she’s coming from, but I was rejoicing after last summer. So, good on you, swimsuit makers, for figuring out that we don’t necessarily want our ladybits hanging out for all and sundry when we go swimming, and also not bilking our wallets for all they’re worth.


2 thoughts on “Kudos, swimsuit makers.

    • Cuteness! I swear I’ve seen a site that will make those for you, except 1-they’re “playsuits” not swimsuits, so I doubt they’re water-safe, and 2-they’re expensive as shit. Boo.

      I used to have a swimsuit of my grandmother’s that was all 1950s Hollywood starlet glam black swimsuit. And then I grew out of it. 😦 Oh well.

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