FOTD: Emily’s Lurid Mimosa (6/8/10)

Whoa, there, Crazy Eyes, what’re you up to? 🙂 (Still the best full face shot I took, though. But if you didn’t already know I’m a total goober who constantly pulls faces in photos, you’re tardy to the party, pal.)

-Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm (“beblesh” never fails to amuse me)
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Silk Naturals Eyeshadow in Lurid (lid)
-Morgana Minerals 2009 Eyeshadow in Emily (crease, blended upward)
-CoverGirl Liquiline Blast #420 Brown Blaze
-Nyx Doll Eye Long Lash #DE01 Extreme Black
-Silk Naturals Kisser Slicker in Mimosa

Holy shit, is Morgana Minerals Emily gorgeous! So gorgeous in fact that I just now ordered a large pot of it, to use over and over and over and over. Not very long ago, I thought I was staunchly anti-warm colors/shades, nothing gold or coppery or bronze or brassy. Now I’m learning that’s not the case at all, and I’m quite happy about it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “FOTD: Emily’s Lurid Mimosa (6/8/10)

    • Doesn’t she, though? I feel like she’s such an enabler. Like, every time my latest order shows up, I go place another one. Not that I’m really complaining.

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