Swatch Sunday, 6/13/10: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers

#255 Stormy Lites:

Left to right:
Lightning (matte)
Cloudburst (pearl)
Sterling Blue (pearl)
Night Sky (matte)

#125 Dance Party:

Left to right:
Pink chiffon (pearl)
Confetti shimmer (pearl)
Plum satin (sparkle)

I didn’t realize two of the Stormy Lites shades were matte. And while the sparkle in Plum Satin shows up in the compact, it’s not visible on the swatch. I probably should’ve swatched over Pixie Epoxy. Or maybe even TFSI, since I swatched over bare skin like a genius. 😀

ETA: I am totally lying and/or smoking crack. I did so swatch those over TFSI – you can see the line of demarcation, even. The bottom half of the swatches in both pics are over TFSI. Dumb dumb Kathy.


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