Holy fucking shit, that book is AWESOME! I loved it.

Only problem is, now I’m a bit indignant at Pixiealamode for recommending it, because I’m done and want the sequel RIGHT GODDAMN NOW but have to wait until October. (And that’s assuming the publication doesn’t get pushed back.) I would squint at you, but I’m not really serious.


Seriously, though, it is SO GOOD.

What’s up next, you may wonder? Well, I work in a huge fucking library – a university library, with several branch libraries, too – but the only recommended book we have is Leviathan. (And, frankly, it’s so good, I’m wishing I’d just bought the book from the get-go, so I could re-read it whenever I want.) But the bookstore on campus had Soulless, so I’ll be starting that one soon. I’ll also be running a Vampire: the Masquerade game starting in July-ish (it’s a roleplaying game, if you’re unfamiliar), so I’ve also got to do some reading/research to prepare for that. Mostly White Wolf source material, but when I run games I like to poach shamelessly from books, movies, whatever strikes me as fertile ground for the story, so I might be reading some vampire/supernatural-related books, too. I’m actually trying to figure out a way to use some stuff from Leviathan, and I’m sure Soulless will give me food for thought, since it actually has vampires in it. 🙂

I also was weak and picked up the next Adam Dalgliesh book to read. (It’s the third in the series – I’m not that far along.) But I’m really excited about Soulless, and need to start planning for Vampire, so if I’m good I won’t try to simultaneously read more books than is possible. (I’m really bad about that, with books and with craft projects, starting several new ones before I’m done with the “current” ones. Trying to be better about that, so I can actually, you know, GET SHIT FINISHED ever.)


4 thoughts on “Leviathan

  1. AMG I’M SORRY BUT THE BOOK WAS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOODDDD. Souless has it’s sequel out though 😀 and the vampires in the book are great and dangerous. Yaaaayy for no wimpy vamps. Also jealous that you are running a role playing game. 😦 I keep wanting to join a group or find other people who play r.p.s but no one i know does. D:

  2. You know what, though – if you’re about to head to college, I am confident that you will find rpg nerds. (And I use the term “nerds” affectionately, because people who play rpgs are a wide and varied group.) That’s pretty much how I met all the ones I know and play with, and that was without even attending the couple clubs on campus dedicated to gaming, scifi, anime, or other likely groups.

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