The awesomeness of Calamity Jane.

You should watch Deadwood. I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it again. Goddamn, that show is amazing.

And Robin Weigert is amazing. And Calamity Jane is AMAZING: “Maybe he has a good side to him too that I entirely fucking missed. It’s always fuckin’ possible, drunk as I am, fuckin’ continuously.”

The writing is pretty great, the delivery is even better. Holy fucking shit.


7 thoughts on “The awesomeness of Calamity Jane.

  1. Calamity Jane is my super hero name. Seriously – my group of friends decided that should be my moniker. Just in case I ever develop super powers, y’know? Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll have to check Deadwood out!

    • sAm, that is awesome! Calamity Jane is a GREAT superhero name.

      And I can’t recommend Robin Weigert’s CJ enough – she is just so brash, and so very, very wonderful, and at times heartbreaking.

    • Oh, yeah, Titus Welliver is THE MAN. I loved him on Lost, loved him *even more* on Deadwood, and once I’m done with Deadwood, I’m going to find other stuff he’s been in and watch that, too. A great, great actor. I’m also planning on buying the Deadwood dvds, because the whole show is amazing, and the casting is just stellar. Even the guest parts. But, yeah, if Mr. Welliver ever finds himself unemployed, not of his own volition, Hollywood is smoking serious crack.

  2. Have you seen any of the Sons Of Anarchy series? Know he’s been in season 2, and going to be in (i think) 6 episodes of the new season.
    With Deadwood, it’s shown here (in the UK) real late at night, and keep forgetting to watch so far only seen him in one episode, and really half the time haven’t a clue what’s going on (missed loads)

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