WTF, Kathy Jacobs. Why have you not yet bought e.l.f. stuff?

Okay, so, go over to Lipstick on my Teacup’s blog, and check out her Short and Sweet post fotd. Look at those gloriously glowing cheeks!

Then hit her up about how she got those cheeks: e.l.f. Shimmer Stick in Pink Lemonade.

Take another five, ten minutes to just stare at those perfect cheeks, before snapping out of it and mentally adding e.l.f. Shimmer Stick in Pink Lemonade to your must-try list.

Wonder where you can actually acquire e.l.f. Hmmm.

Google them. Find them.

Find the shimmer stick.

BOGGLE OVER THE PRICE. Is that shit for real? Glorious cheeks for a buck?!

Check out some of their other products: blush, shimmer, eyeshadow, lipstick, gloss, etc…

Realize you’ve loved e.l.f. looks on other blogs/posts, too.

Use their store locator to discover e.l.f. is carried at Targets YOU’VE BEEN TO.

Proceed to tell yourself, “What the actual fuck, Kathy Jacobs.” Vow to fix this glaring oversight.


5 thoughts on “e.l.f.

  1. XD Thank you so much for the complement!!!!!!!!!!! Also I re-looked at actual stick thingie from E.L.F. I think it’s called an all over color stick or something similar. I know they have a cream version in the same color. I can’t believe how cheap E.L.F is they seriously have great quality products for so cheap.

    • Yeah, I definitely found it. And about a gazillion other things. And then I immediately emailed myself a list of what to buy on payday. I’m rationalizing it by reminding myself that I can get, like, TWENTY things for $20, and then it’s not splurging because it’s so cheap. And Pink Lemonade is at the top of that list – I just hope it makes me look as healthy and glowy as it does on you. (But I’m probably going to cave in and get all the shimmer sticks, so if PL doesn’t work for me, I’m sure something will.)

      • I looovvveeeeeeee how cheap they are. Their brushes are amazing too. XD The pink lemonade I think will work for you if not Nymph ( it’s a nude/skin color shade.) will or maybe one of the more “berry red” shades will.

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