FOTD: Et ma vie pour tes yeux lentement s’empoisonne (5/27/10)

I loooooooove shu uemura’s égérie eye shimmer duo in Starry Violet. Love, love, love it! After seeing the lovely eye looks over at Lotus Palace, I had to try something similar myself, but I was thinking I’d just work with products I already had. And then I saw her EOTD with Starry Violet, and it was lemming at first sight. I snagged a new one on Ebay (that devilish enabler) on the cheap. (I mean, I love this stuff, but I don’t know if I love it $42 worth, you know?) Anyway, it arrived yesterday, and I tried it out: one lid the way shu uemura recommends (layered together), one lid the Lotus Palace way. And I liked the Lotus Palace way best, so that’s what I did today.

Holy shit – I’m trying to pick a full face shot (I usually edit my photos at the same time I write the FOTDs up), and I just realized how very much my glasses hide the bags under my eyes. Jesus christ. Okay, check it out: here’s me, after dinner and before reapplying the lip jelly whatever, with glasses:

Crazy! And I don’t currently have contacts, so I rarely see myself without my glasses on, and I had no idea my eyes were so baggy. Blecch. Not a fan. I am, however, a fan of slight undereye discoloration – I can’t possibly tell you why, I just am. I realized I wasn’t the only person enamored of such eyes when we read Apollinaire’s “Les colchiques” in my French lit class. According to the teacher, it was called “cerne” and they weren’t due to lack of sleep, they were natural, permanent, slightly violet discolorations that were present no matter how well-rested the person. Greg has them, and I think they’re rather lovely. (However, I do not have them. I just have lack of sleep and lack of concealer. Hmph.)
Details and close-ups:

-Eucerin Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance (lid to brow)
-shu uemura égérie eye shimmer duo in Starry Violet (gray on lid, violet crease to brow)
-CoverGirl VolumeExact Waterproof Mascara #125 Very Black
-L’Oreal HiP Jelly Balm #120 Plush

And one last one: I figured if I was going to copy Lotus Palace, I might as well go all out, so here’s what in my head is called an “LP eyeball shot.” Well, the best approximation I could get. (When I look at hers, I think, “Oooh, lovely!” When I look at mine below, I mainly think, “Oh god! It’s an EYEBALL!” But it is shimmery.)

I really just want to keep wearing this for ages and ages. But I’ll probably try pairing the grey with other shimmery colors, or using other products to do similar, inspired looks. I love Starry Violet, though. Hot damn.

I’m working on the Lost discussion. There’s one last part left, but it involves an aspect of my anxiety that’s probably the hardest for me to talk about, since I think it’s the most crazy-sounding aspect. So that’ll be coming, soon. And I’ve got quite a bit of mail on its way, and I’ll be very happy once it gets here. (I actually didn’t order it all at once, it was spread out over like a month, month and a half almost by now. But I think since quite a bit of it is from abroad, and the rest from the US, that it might actually all show up around the same time. And then it’ll be like Hogswatch!)


2 thoughts on “FOTD: Et ma vie pour tes yeux lentement s’empoisonne (5/27/10)

  1. My glasses do the EXACT same thing! I absolutely love it…but I have to say – I never thought anybody would find the permanent hereditary bags under my eyes attractive. Hmmm…interesting. Perhaps just another way I beat myself up for no reason.
    On another note, I have to tell you that I’ve been consistently inspired by you to just do “more” with my makeup – y’know, make it look like I care. My co-workers (and I) thank you for that inspiration. And for what it’s worth – I am more tempted every day for a piercing under my lip like you have. Beautiful.

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