Husbands, cats, and beer cozies.

One of the reasons I sometimes half-jokingly call Chalupa a whore or a douchebag:

She never sits on *my* lap. x.x

The finished beer cozy for Greg:

I made my own pattern for this, but I did write it down, mainly so I could make sure both “sides” were even, since it’s folded in half for double thickness and extra insulating power. (And there’s a purl row at the fold to help it lay flat and fold crisply.) So I might write it up and put it on Ravelry or something. But it’s really pretty simple. I’m working on one that’s twice as long and just a smidge broader, for Four Loko cans. (Drink of the devil.)

Greg’s left for his show, with Rick, Stephen, and Cody (the rest of Shades of Agony). I’m caught up on FOTD posts, which is good since I might have more from playing with makeup tonight with Jess (Mel’s not into makeup), and I want to do some swatches of stuff I’ve gotten recently. At long last, and after I’d given up hope and thought it lost in the mail for good, my Sobe Botanicals order came in, so that was a nice surprise. (Apparently it was kicking around a Georgia post office for a good month. Weird.) I didn’t have to go in and make up work today, because Project Uplift is having an event on campus, so I wouldn’t be able to park, which was a nice break. Gotta go in tomorrow, though, trying not to use up all my leave. And then I do believe I’m hearing thunder. Yes!


2 thoughts on “Husbands, cats, and beer cozies.

  1. Argh I’ve always wanted to try my hand at knitting, but never got around to it. I know if I did I’d probably knit a ridiculous amount of beer cosies ;] or tea cosies and stack them on my head and pretend I was Dobby.

    Yay for getting packages! A package of mine got misrouted to Bermuda 😐

    • Dobby! I think there’s actually a knit pattern somewhere to make a Dobby doll. It was pretty cute, if I’m remembering correctly.

      I love getting packages, and had given up on that one, so, yeah, it was a nice surprise. Did you ever get the one that went to Bermuda? I mean, it seems like if it could be tracked to Bermuda, it should be “find-able.”

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