FOTD: I looooooooove Etude House! (5/17/10)

Because I wanted to wear my Etude House lippie, and I’ve been inspired by all the sunny, pretty yellow looks y’all have been doing!

-Nyx Concealer Stick #CS03
-Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation in Translucent Light
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Aromaleigh Eye Plush Mineral Eyeshadow in Sunny Disposition (lid)
-Aromaleigh Carolina Summer Matte Mineral Eyeshadow in Willow (crease)
-CoverGirl Liquiline Blast #420 Brown Blaze
-Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Brownish Black
-Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge #6 Fun Peach

Damn, I love that Etude House lipstick. And the seller (zinopark on Ebay) included some samples of Etude House moisturizers, and I loved them all. Especially the Moistfull Collagen Cream (although “moistfull” sounds dirtier than “moist,” but whatever), and I immediately turned around and ordered a set of the cream the very night I received the package and tried it. And I’ve been drooling over all their stuff since, and adding it to my wishlist of stuff to try.

That bigger nosering in front…meh. It didn’t bother me when I had one nosering, but with the smaller one behind it, it just looks huge and is killing me. But my newer piercing was aggravated by the ring it was pierced with, and kept getting infected and gross, so I had to take it out. And it was too sore for a nosescrew, so this ring is it, until I get one to match the ring in back. Whatever. It’s not gross and infected anymore, so I’ll manage, somehow. (It tickles me when my vanity comes out over something so trifling. Like there aren’t a million other things that are probably more obvious to other people, and yet I don’t give a shit about those things, really. Hi, eyebrows, looking at you. But mismatched noserings? Oh noes! Time for pearl-clutching. I am ridiculous.)


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