Happier, more worthwhile things.

The upshot is, Greg and I have decided to put up a privacy fence. Not any time soon, because we’ve got a lot of stuff coming up in June, and just had the hybrid repaired. But it’s decided. And it’s awesome! It’ll solve a couple problems, and on top of that, it’ll be great for when I get my ass in gear and plant fruit trees and veggies; I won’t have to worry about loose neighborhood dogs fucking shit up, or going after our yard rabbits; if we ever get chickens, or a dog, the fence will already be in place. I’m excited!

And now I am going to eat the shit out of some yummy, yummy Thai food (potato corn cakes and sauteed cashew, mmmm) and sit back and watch Telford fucking get his! Woo woo! A friend at work and I have been discussing Stargate Universe and just waiting for that weasel to get what’s coming to him, and it looks like tonight’s the night. (I love Lou Diamond Phillips, so I’m glad he’s getting more work, but his character is just so vile.)

I’ve got to make up some time at work tomorrow and Sunday, but that’s cool. And tomorrow night, I get to hang out with Mel and Jess! YAY!


2 thoughts on “Happier, more worthwhile things.

    • Yeah. Last summer I found a spine and one back leg of a large rabbit (so not last summer’s baby bunny, which would have been even sadder) that some dog left in *our* yard. I totally cried over it. I can’t really get mad at the dogs, but I have a serious hate on for their owners. I’d prefer to never have that happen again. I mean, it’s not like we’re overrun with rabbits out here, so…I think they should be able to live happily.

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