And the weiner is….

#6, thanks to SilhouetteScreams! Congrats! I’ll be emailing you for your address in a moment, but…

So, I had this last-minute harebrained idea, while I was waiting for midnight to roll around: consolation prizes. I’d hate to dash anyone’s prize-winning hopes completely, and the upside of only having 9 entrants is, I can totally send everyone else a little something without breaking the bank. So, everyone’s a winner. To claim your consolation prize, email me at kathyeffingjacobs at yahoo dot com, give me your address, and pick a color (your favorite, or something else if you’d like). And then just sit tight for a bit while I get my shit together, since I literally had this idea like an hour ago and am not entirely prepared. But that’s a minor detail, right?


5 thoughts on “And the weiner is….

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