Recent knitting

Lace zill mufflers, or zufflers, from PieKnits. They muffle the sound when I practice, and are pretty sweet. I might make another pair to further muffle them.

Greg has requested a set of beer cozies in various sizes, and I love making him stuff that he requests. (A couple times over the years, I’ve knit or crocheted stuff for other people, and for the most part, it’s been really unsatisfying. At times, even unpleasant. The making is fine, but people who don’t know anything about it sometimes assume you didn’t put any time or effort into it, and it can be upsetting when you’ve busted ass for someone only to have them go, “Eh, thanks, but it’s not quite what I wanted,” and throw it away. So I don’t generally craft stuff for other people unless they specifically and ardently ask.) Greg also insists on calling them “coozies,” which apparently is an accepted word for these, but I fucking hate it. They are COZIES. Never “coozies.” Ugh. Anyway, I’m working on a beer can cozy right now, and am almost finished. It’s not double-knit, but it will be double-thickness, because the single-thickness didn’t seem thick enough to insulate. Here’s the in-progress:


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