New baby bunny!

Okay, it might not actually be a *baby* bunny. I guess it could just be extremely small. But, seriously, its whole body is about the size of my hand. It is wee. And it lives in our honeysuckle bush! I knew it! (For those of you keeping score, this brings our wild rabbit count to three. Or two and a half, since this newest one is sooooo teensy.)

(If you’re having trouble locating the little dude, I used my lameass Photobucket skills to circle him here.)
And tonight makes the second day of mowing, and I am fucking knackered, so that’s it for tonight, I’m afraid.


2 thoughts on “New baby bunny!

    • I get the squeals so bad over him. We had a baby bunny in that same bush last summer, and then he “disappeared.” (I think he grew up into one of the two adults we see now.) Reduced from grown-ass adult woman to squealing girl in one second by these suckers. But the cuteness! And his ears aren’t any bigger than the honeysuckle leaves! Kills me.

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