Free Fyrinnae!

It’s giveaway time, y’all. And it’s Fyrinnae, because I love them hardcore and have to share that love. I totally want to be an enabler.

I did order these specifically to give away, so they’re pristine and unopened. But I just kind of picked them out randomly, based on what caught my eye. Also, I’m kind of kicking myself for not getting an extra Arcane Magic to give away. I haven’t used any of my new Fyrinnae shadows yet (blasphemy!), so I might look over the AMs I got and see if there are any I could bear to part with. I make no promises, though, I tend to get greedy about Fyrinnae. Anyway!
One lucky so-and-so gets:
-a sample of Pixie Epoxy, probably the first cosmetic product I’ve ever considered a Holy Grail product, and the reason behind this giveaway in the first place (just wanted to share the PE love)
-a mini of Damn Paladins: “Soft, satiny taupe with a gentle light blue highlight.”
-a mini of Anemone: a “light sky blue with gold shimmer,” that looks greenish in the light, soft blue at an angle
-a mini of Android Angel: “Sparkly, shimmery deep lilac shade with purple and silver sparkle.”
-a mini lip lustre in Glitter Kittiez: “deep sparkly magenta-pink,” Virgin Mojito scent
-a mini lip lustre in Lace Gloves: “sheer with pink and red highlights,” raspberry scent
(*descriptions from Fyrinnae, summarized if not verbatim)

To get one entry, comment on this post and:
1-give me your email (so I can get in touch with you if you win)
2-give me either a book recommendation (anything, seriously, fiction, nonfiction, any genre) or a recommendation of what you’d like to see here (it can be something entirely new, or more of something I’ve been doing already; and it doesn’t have to be makeup-related since, believe it or not, I DO have a life outside of makeup, and never really intended makeup to hijack my blog the way it has the past few months)

To get a second entry, post or tweet about the contest, and drop me the url.

Giveaway ends 5/21, at midnight EST. Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes, it’s international. I think that’s it. Off to read about perfume.

UPDATE: Everyone’s a winner!


22 thoughts on “Free Fyrinnae!

    • Ooooh – I wanted to read Shutter Island and then forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me! Was White Noise also made into a movie? About ghosts speaking through static? And John Dies At the End – the title alone sounds like I’ll enjoy it. 🙂

  1. Souless by Gail Carriager is one of the best Steampunk Romance books I’ve read in love time. I haven’t read many Steampunk themed books albeit but this is one of my favorites. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Leviathan by Scott Westerfield, he’s such an amazing writer he really captures the spirt of the early 1900’s. Reading it I nearly forgot about the real history of the World War one era.
    While I do love make-up posts I’d love to see what people enjoy. Whether it’s crafting, cooking, reading or even writing short stories. 😀
    My e-mail is Pixiealamode at gmail dot com. ❤

    • Steampunk romance?! Early 1900s?! Sign me up!

      If you like steampunk, I HIGHLY recommend Tim Powers’s Anubis Gates. Also Paul J. McAuley’s Pasquale’s Angel was good, although it’s more clockpunk than steam.

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  3. ririlovesyou at gmail dot com

    I’d recommend Slow Man or Disgrace by J.M. Coatzee, which are both great novels, or The Fountainhead, for more of a philosophical read.

  4. Pixel Juice by Jeff Noon is by far one of the most excellent experiments in literature I’ve ever seen (plus my favourite book, like, -ever-.) Noon writes primarily cyberpunk with a really heavy focus on the rave/drug culture, but does so in an amazingly poetic, interesting way. I’ve never seen writing like his before, he has the most brilliant grasp of language. Pixel Juice is kind of hard to describe- I guess it’s technically a collection of interwoven stories, but it’s more of an album than a book. All of the stories flow in a vague narrative, but occasionally he’ll remix (not rewrite, -remix-. it’s really kind of amazing) the stories into stand-alone pieces.

    Haha oh god, I ramble on about this book way too much, but it seriously is one of the best pieces of lit I’ve ever read. Uhm, with regards to make up posts, I have to say, swatch posts are my crack. I always agonize over which products to get, and I’ll spend hours just pouring over pretty shiny photographs ❤

  5. silhouettescreamsblog(at)gmail(dot)com

    I recommend World War Z by Max Brooks – seriously the fucking scariest zombie book evar. I also recommend the Blue Bloods novels by Melissa de la Cruz, for vampire stuff thats not all zomgcheesyromantic, and the Dresden FIles are awesome fantasy books about this sarcastic modern day wizard who never showers LOL

    I’d like to see more makeup posts actually LOL like FOTD/EOTDs and swatch posts ^_^

    And I linked this in my sidebar: (theyre listed chronologically by date of close, so it is there :P)

  6. I put in my comment before, but idk if it went through? If it did, sorry for the double post 😛


    I recommend World War Z by Max Brooks – scariest zombie book ever. And The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, it blends young adult and sci-fi in the weirdest and easiest to read way, and makes me think about body image in a non-preachy way. And the Blue Bloods books by Melissa de la Cruz are ORIGINAL vampire shit without the whingey teenage romance. And ummm the Dresden Files are awesome fantasy ❤ about a sarcastic wizard living in America who hardly ever showers LOL

    Oh and I've linked this in my sidebar:

    • Sorry! I hadn’t checked my spam filter recently – although I don’t know why it went in there, but fixed now! Thanks for the recs! I love, love, love the Dresden Files, and really enjoyed World War Z, so I suspect I will looooove the Westerfeld and de la Cruz!

  7. juliamss at gmail dot com

    Umm, recommending books is kinda difficult for me since I haven’t read that many books in english, but I guess my favorite was Little Women, I just love that book. If I could recomend one in portuguese (my native language) it would be “Alice e Ulisses”, but I don’t think that has been translated, so…

  8. I second the recommendation for Soulless by Gail Carriger as well as the sequel Changeless (and the 3rd book Blameless comes out later this year). It’s clever, witty and sexy! I’m also a huge fan of Haruki Murakami & tell everyone to read Norwegian Wood.

    anna8yu AT gmail


    Running with Scissors by Augusten Borroughs
    Diary of a Rock and Roll Star by Ian Hunter
    The Spider With the Platinum Hair by Weird and Gilly

    (I’m on an auto/biography kick lately)

  10. I read books from the fantasy genre all the time, so I can only recommend those ^^’ Lately I’ve heard many good things about “The Sword of Truth” (by Terry Goodkind) so that’s what I’ll be reading this summer 🙂 But first I want to finish the current book I’m reading, which is ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.’ It’s not very easy to read but it’s worth it so I definitely recommend it 🙂

    I mentioned it in my sidebar over here as well:


    • Oooh, thanks, Agnes! I love fantasy! I don’t think I’ve read any Terry Goodkind, though, so that’s like a whole new vista opening up. 🙂 And – I’ve also been “working on” Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Only like forever, though, since it came out. So I should probably start over at this point. Hee. But thanks for reminding me!

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