The incomparable Jess, at the incomparable Moshi Moshi trimmed my bangs last night, and I love them.

Here’s a better shot of them than in today’s FOTD, so you can see more clearly how they’re angled down towards my right side – but the long bits don’t get in my eyes (although they do get kinda close sometimes, but close only counts in handjobs and handgrenades.) Brilliant!

That longer strip on the left of the photo is actually bang and not hair-proper. I’m holding all my non-bang-front-hair back so the bangs don’t blend into it. And the angle is actually more even – it doesn’t change slope drastically past my right eye, I just didn’t fan it out well enough there for you to see. Anyway. I know it’s a little thing, but I hate *having* to do my hair a certain way every day, so *having* to pin my bangs back every day was killing me. (I just get resentful when I don’t have the option of doing anything else. Actually, I get pretty stubborn about *anything* when I don’t have options. Hm.) Plus my eyes were constantly itching, because strands would escape and get in my eyes. Boo to that. So I am very, very happy that Jess hooked me up.

(It’s “horseshoes and handgrenades,” isn’t it. Well, shit. I like “handjobs and handgrenades” better, so it stays.)


2 thoughts on “Bangs!

    • Thanks! Me, too! Jess is GREAT at choppy and textured. I’m growing my hair out, because it’s not long enough to anchor stuff (like bellydance costume stuff), and I miss being able to do a Dutch crown. But if it weren’t for that, I’d have Jess cut it short and messy. I loved it, and especially when I got to look all Phyllis Diller-y, which it’s not doing so much these days because it’s too weighted down. Oh well.

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