Domain management!

The good news is, I think I can fix some of the problems/irritations I’ve been having lately. I have to wait a couple more days to do it, but that’s nothing.

The bad news, well, it was going to be that I couldn’t fix anything til June 1st, until I realized two months from March 1st was MAY 1st, not June 1st. So there is no bad news.

I think I may have to have a giveaway to celebrate. Just gotta put together a prize.

ETA: More good news? Dashboard is working, and preview is working again. Bad news? I’ve been reading a TON of stuff pertaining to domain management and blogging nitty gritty, and am kind of confused and feeling like maybe the problem isn’t WordPress, it’s me being a dumbass? (I am not afraid to admit that’s a distinct possibility.) Ugh. But whatever. I’m smart (uh, aside from blogging dumbassery), resourceful, I can figure this shit out one way or another. So I think I’ll still have a giveaway, but to celebrate getting my head out of my ass. So, I guess stay tuned for that.


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