“I’m afraid! I don’t want to firehose!”

This is what we’re getting up to tonight:

Don’t worry, most of those are for Greg’s D&D game tomorrow (the one he plays in, not the one he runs), and I doubt they’ll drink all of them, too, even though there are six people to drink nine FLs. Maybe. They introduced him to Four Loko, and it’s become like this mythic thing I keep hearing about. I don’t know why I’ve decided to try it – this is probably going to go down in the annals of bad decisions I’ve made. But anyway, I’ll let you know. I’m trying the watermelon flavor tonight. It’s Greg’s favorite, but it made Matt “firehose.” (Violent projectile vomit.) I HATE vomiting (hence that quote of mine in the post title). But my tolerance is wee tiny, so Greg thinks I’ll get through half of the Four Loko, if that much. Hopefully there will be no firehosing. We’re going to watch Broken Lizard’s “Slammin’ Salmon,” too.

Here are my beautiful new zils: Saroyan Arabesques, purchased from Blue Fusion Tribal. I love them! (Don’t worry, those safety pins are only temporary until I make sure the elastics are just right. I don’t want to have to sew them more than once, since I plan on sewing those babies TIGHT.)

And I finally thought to check and see if my photos were still on my camera, and could be loaded onto Bertha for editing. They were! (Usually I batch-delete them as soon as I’m done loading onto the laptop.) I will leave you with a picture featuring my monster and a smidge of the Nyx Shangri-La look I’m so pleased with:


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