Teeny tiny freebie

***UPDATE: CLAIMED! You know what I totally didn’t even consider, but that is awesome about shit like this? I can find new blogs! I could probably figure out who’s reading this, but I’m too lazy. And Google Friend Connect doesn’t work with WordPress, and I moved here *from* Blogger, so it feels too soon to move back. So unless y’all leave comments, I have no idea. Which leaves me with finding new blogs by surfing the ones linked on the blogs I’m already reading, and I do that infrequently. So today I offer up one measly little imp (okay, it’s a nice imp, plenty full – but as blog giveaways go, teeny, you know), five minutes later Sam expresses interest, and I’m one imp closer to a less-cluttered makeup/jewelry/whatever-else-I-throw-in-drawer, and have found a cool new blog to read. (And I don’t blog about it very often, because I have issues, which I should probably barf about eventually, but finding Sam’s blog is a nice bit of synchronicity, since I need to lose weight for my liver and my motivation re: non-bellydance exercise has been lacking. So, new blog to read but also new source of motivation via sense of camaraderie/in-it-together type thing. Score!) Also, that was fun. I’ll get my ass in gear on the imp-trying-out and see what else I can offer up.

I’ve got a spare, almost unused imp of Black Phoenix’s Lust. It smells lovely, but unfortunately not with my body chemistry.

So, if “red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh” sound like something you’d like to try, let me know.

I’ve got a stash of imps I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll probably have more to give up later, but I’m too impatient, and too slow at trying them, to save them all up for a bigger to-do. (I’ve been having a torrid love affair with the two Valentine’s Day in the Miskatonic Valley scents I got, so I’m having a hard time making myself try a new scent when I could wear The Zadok Allen Vineyard or White Chocolate, Black Raspberry, and Apricot Cordial Truffle, and smell so divine.)

I love mailing things, and putting together little gift packages, so I’ll probably do more of a “real” giveaway at some point, as the mood strikes me. But this’ll do for now.



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