Uke fix:

Currently LOVING Ukulele Underground, and especially their Uke Minute and Uke Lesson videos. (The performing videos are pretty sweet, too, but I’m focusing on lesson-type stuff for now, since I can’t watch the performance vids without getting a smidge jealous.)

Greg and I hit up some thrift stores and pawn shops Saturday, too, and at one of the pawn shops we saw TWO Ohanas. WTF. It’s good for anyone looking to save $20 on a uke, but who would pawn an Ohana? It made me a little sad. (Which may or may not have any connection to my undying love for Lilo and Stitch, and the fact that I tend to anthropomorphize “my ukey,” so obviously those pawn shop ukes were sad that they were in a pawn shop, duh.)


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