Color stripper round two…

plus fucking around with Photo Booth. I am soooo charming, just for you!:

I am thanking my lucky stars (and my resilient hair) that I still *have* hair after two rounds with Colorfix. If it goes green on me again (and it does have a greenish cast, so it might), I might try a couple things: Lyn recommends Bleach Blonde Maxi, as does…um, I think it was some chick on eHow?; I’ve also read claims that vinegar, anti-dandruff shampoo, and even diet cola will strip vegetable dyes. I’m not really worried about vinegar, anti-dandruff shampoo, or soda frying my hair. And I feel like I’m probably pushing my luck with the Colorfix at this point; BBM can’t be worse. Or, if it’s really green, I’ll just dye it black, since that was the original plan anyway, before I got on this blue/pink thing. And then color strip the black when I get tired of it, and hope it pulls the green with it?

I think I’m just kidding about that last bit. Well, about using color stripper again any time soon. This haircut is super fun – waaaay more fun than my boring ass long hair was. (Seriously, it was buns 24/7. Snore.) But I’m back on my “must have long hair for tribal costuming!” kick. You know, for all the many, many upcoming performances I have. 😛 Ugh. But really, why do I flipflop back and forth between short and long hair? All the damn time. It’s like: spend a year-ish growing my hair out, maybe two years, get it long; live with that for half a year, a year tops; get a bug up my ass, cut it short; live with that for half a year; get a bug up my ass, grow it back out; lather; rinse; repeat. Tiresome.

This is why fake hair is about to become my bestest friend in the whole world. Yep.

Oh shit – I can’t believe I forgot the best part! My Fyrinnae order was waiting for me when I got home today!! (Which was extra awesome because EMDR kind of sucked ass today.) And holy shit, y’all. Are these mini sizes for real?! They are HUGE. Generous. Hugely generous. I figured the “mini” shadow amounts would be like…a sample of the shadow? But the “mini” is really more like what other companies consider a “full” size. Holy shit. I am just blown away. And the lip lustres…Damn. Awesome! I haven’t tried the Pixie Epoxy yet, but I am stoked! Anyway, I have a misbehaving cat to go yell at, so I’ll blather more later.


4 thoughts on “Color stripper round two…

  1. What color are you trying to go? You can put a blue or purple over it no prob…I wouldnt bleach it again though.

    Fyrinnae makes me all moist like a hostess cupcake. Pixie epoxy is the shit…

  2. Yeah, I think it’s definitely light enough (aiming for SFX Fishbowl Blue and Cupcake Pink) – IF it stays this color. It was yellow last night, but this morning – about ten hours later – it was greener. I think it’s going back to green. That Hot Topic dye REALLY isn’t fucking around. I’m going to keep shampooing it for a while and see where it settles and go from there.

    Pixie Epoxy IS awesome, but it’s like no other primer I’ve ever tried, so I kinda fucked it up this morning and had to remove and start over. And even then…I think it’s still a little rough, but wearable. I think I just need to figure out the right combination of amount of PE and shadow application method. It’s all sparkly and wonderful, so I can tell I’m going to love it, but I felt pretty lame and skill-less this morning.

  3. I screwed up my makeup like 374526 times before figuring PE…the trick is to use your finger and use a tiny dab, swipe it accross…wait a sec and swipe a dry finger over it. when it is slightly tack…go for it. Cant foil shadows over it though…I only use it along my lid….not up in my crease or anything.

    and yeah greens seem to stain the core of the shaft. no more bleaching or stripping cause ti wont remove it…best I can say is use clarifying shampoos and lots of conditioner and it may or may not come out. lol…

  4. Thanks for the tip about PE – I’m pretty sure I used too much. It’s still fantastic, though. But a lighter touch next time, I think.

    Yeah, no more color stripping or bleach. It’s definitely coming back – light green at lunchtime. It’s kind of neat, actually. And for a not-really-planned-on haircolor, I’ve been getting crazy amounts of compliments, so that’s cool. I’m definitely picking up some clarifying shampoo tonight, and probably trying out the diet coke/vinegar tips. We’ll see.

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