Today’s hexagram is 31, Hsien: good fortune. Also, keeping an open-mind. Or maybe keeping an open mind leads to good fortune? As far as I can tell. The thing about the I Ching is, on the back of this translation, it’s all, “Should you apply for a job today? Will you find your perfect mate? Should you ask for a raise tomorrow? Consult the I Ching!” But I’ve scanned a couple other hexagrams, in addition to the ones I’ve gotten so far, and it’s more philosophical, less specific-direction-for-your-life stuff. Also, today’s hexagram has no old lines, so I don’t know if that means good fortune in the distant future or not. Hmph.

Today, I think I’m going to sew up a new hip scarf. Since I’ve got a class tomorrow. And tonight I’m going to watch Doctor Who on BBCAmerica. But other than that, no real plans yet.


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