Happy New Year!

I got dolled up in girly drag, and we went to a friend’s house to play games and usher in the new year. Missed the partial eclipse, though. Ah well. Here’s me in my drag:

Greg got me some lovely new jimjams (with cherry blossoms on!) for Hogswatch, and a book on art deco, and the I Ching. (Captain Hastings and Miss Lemon consult the I Ching in an episode of Poirot, and I’ve been interested in it since.) I thought it might be fun to consult the I Ching daily for a while, and see how it does. For today, it says 52, the Kan hexagram; and the distant future is also 52. “When one’s resting is like that of the back, and he loses all consciousness of self; when he walks in his courtyard, and does not see any in it,–there will be no error.” “For all things, there is a season” sort of thing: resting when it’s time to rest, acting when it’s time to act.


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