HOLY SHIT! My new iMac is fucking SWEET! And 27″ is a hyooooooooge screen. Stupid huge.

My old computer finally died. Like, DEAD dead. Couldn’t be resuscitated even long enough to yank the files off it. But nothing irreplaceable. I decided to get a Mac because Greg’s more used to Macs, and so if shit goes wrong, I can get him to fix it. Laziness, FTW. Anyway, today I actually picked up my computer. And it’s awesome. And I’m never leaving my craft room.

Here’s yesterday’s Goth Monday outfit: the Phoned-In Edition. (I had two outfits in mind – one with a pair of black pants, one with a black skirt. My black pants and skirt are both too large for me now, so I was reduced to either a pair of black capri shorts – and it was way too fucking cold for that – or jeans. I figured, jeans and a tshirt are kind of half-assing it, so I might as well half-ass it all the way and throw on a Manson shirt and call it a day. But I felt like black lipstick would’ve just been lame. Black lipstick by itself does not a goth outfit make. Well, a Manson shirt doesn’t really, either, I guess, but it amuses me to wear a Manson shirt on Goth Monday and be all, “This is goth, right? Of course it is. It’s Manson.” A Manson shirt that is only seeing the light of day thanks to Goth Monday; otherwise it’s just a shirt to sleep in.) (I mean, I still like some of Manson’s earlier stuff, but he is a douche. Just saying. And I’m not exactly sure when this shirt is from, but it’s a fair bet it’s from his stuff *after* what I like. Anyway. It was free. Well, for me.)


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