Winter holidays have really snuck up on me. I just today realized that next week is Thanksgiving and so we work a short week. (And Saturday we’re going to South Carolina to see Megadeth for Greg’s birthday, and then Sunday, on his actual birthday, he’s very kindly accompanying me to see Emilie Autumn at the Cradle.) And then winter break (and about two weeks off of work, too) is so close after that. (Which means Hogswatch, too!)

Fringe is a little on the heart-breaking side tonight. It’s really good, but kind of sad. Poop.

My friend Jen has decided to start taking bellydance classes, and the same ones I’m in. šŸ™‚ I’m so psyched. AND! I found out (thanks to the Melodia mailing list) that Melos are still on sale and in stock – apparently they’re clearing out stock, and sort of relaunching their line in organic fabrics. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting them to have anything left in my size – but they did! Quite a bit, in fact. So much that I had trouble deciding what to get. I finally got a pair – and then Greg very sweetly bought me the other pair I’d been considering, for my birthday present. Woo woo!

And here are (belated) Goth Monday pics:


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