Jesus christ, Librivox, what the fuck is up? I thought we had standards? Apparently not so much. I’ve listened to two and a half books this week, and they’ve all been RIDDLED with problems. What. The. Fuck. Even experienced readers are pulling shit like fucking up a sentence and then just starting the sentence right over without editing out the fuck-up. And really, that’s the least of the problems I’ve heard. (I even bothered to check the texts to make sure they were fuck-ups, and, yeah, they were.)

What is going on? Why did I spend so many, many, MANY grueling hours reading and re-reading and re-reading ad nauseam, and then spend so many, many, MANY grueling hours (and my husband, too) editing shit in and out to produce something listenable, when apparently none of that mattered? (If you actually pull up what I’ve read, it’s not much. Because even that little amount of finished product, is a shit ton of work. Well, I guess it’s not if you’re just not editing out your blips and shit.) I’m not nitpicking about people’s accents, or reading styles, or not bothering to look up how a word or placename they’re unfamiliar with is *actually* pronounced. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. The line to be read is, “No objections, gentlemen? Then carry on.” What was read and recorded and allowed to stand as-is: “No, um, objections?….Gentlemen? Then carry mom…I mean, carry ON.”

Sweet fucking jesus. I know it’s all volunteer-run, but goddamn. The last thing I tried to listen to? I couldn’t even keep track of the plot because of all the mistakes, and I finally just gave up. And these are recently finished projects, according to the threads. I certainly won’t be listening to any more Librivox recordings, I won’t be volunteering any more (because I can’t bring myself to post something so riddled with problems, but why put in so much effort when it seems that no one else cares?), and I won’t be recommending Librivox to anyone anymore. This is fucking sad. It’s a great concept, and the earlier projects are totally fucking rad. I don’t know what’s happened, I don’t see any posts that are like, “Alright, y’all, we’ve decided half-assed is good enough. Go to it!” But I’d get more listening enjoyment – AND be able to understand more since there wouldn’t be all these stops and restarts – if I just took the text from Project Gutenberg and ran it through some TTS.


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