I am crabby. I prefer cooler, wetter weather, but I *hate* when the weather changes, because I always get The Crud. It’ll only last like a day or two, then go away for a day or two, then come back. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s pretty annoying, and sometimes it manages to make me feel pretty rotten, instead of just kinda crummy. Ah well. Welcome to North Carolina/my sinuses/global warming. Take your pick.

What have I been up to lately? Not much. Well, not much that’s really interesting and/or can be posted here. Working, sleeping, Crotch Rocket practices, tons of secret crafting (which is still going on, so I can’t post what I’m working on, bah). Crotch Rocket – looks like we have a keyboard player, which lets me off a big hook (learning to play keyboards and then being able to play and sing at the same time), but puts me on a smallish hook (now that I won’t be standing behind a keyboard, playing, I may have to be a better frontlady, hm, we’ll see). What else.

Skeeter’s been sleeping alot lately, or it seems like more than usual. I’m a little nervous about it, but he seems fine, and cats sleep alot anyway. Plus, he’s getting older (he’s five now, almost five and a half). Plus, it’s October, which is when we put Daoine down, so even though it was several years ago (um, like…about five, actually), I think it’s aggravating my anxiety, since all that shit started with Daoine sleeping more than usual. (But she was two, not five; her eyes dilated to different sizes because of the neural problems; and she was constantly puking up nothing but saliva. Also, she went from totally healthy to clearly not in about a week. Skeeter’s just slowing down a bit in his old age, and even then – like, when people are over for D&D, he’s still his normal, attention-seeking self. All up in our faces.) Plus, the weather’s changing, and I think they both get more sleepy and snuggly in Winter. But I know all this, and I still worry a little bit.

Yesterday, I stayed home because the plumber came out (with his assistant, who had to go into the crawl space four times, poor bastard, because he kept dropping stuff down there through the holes in the shower/wall) to fix our shower. The valve needed to be replaced – apparently that’s what was causing the leak in our faucet and the leak that was running behind the wall. I am super glad we didn’t try to fix it ourselves, because it turns out our walls are plaster. Well – the plumber claims our walls are total plaster. It actually looks to me like two layers of sheetrock with a top layer of plaster, and not plaster all the way through. Regardless, it is a *bitch* to cut through, and I’m glad it wasn’t me who had to do it. The Crud was also being particularly miserable yesterday, so it was nice to stay home and rest. (I did take a nap later, after the plumbers left. I felt like it would be kind of rude and/or a little weird to just go to sleep in the bedroom while they’re were still there. What if they needed something? Like, to be shown where the crawlspace was? Which they did. And I’d be in my pjs, because I can’t sleep in my jeans unless I’m really sleep-deprived and desperate. Anyway.)

Oh, and Greg and I went to the dollar store recently, and I picked up an angel. So that I can do this with it (once I’m done with the secret crafting):

You may remember those from October of last year. Well, they are still fucking rad, and it looks like I’m finally going to get around to making one/some.

Here’s our swanky new shower door (new-ish, since we actually put it up a while back, but I never posted the pic):

I don’t have pictures of the new faucet/showerhead/etc from yesterday yet, and I didn’t take any before pictures. And that’s all for now.


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