The skirt is more or less finished. I may need to tweak the waistband just a smidge to make sure it stays up while I’m dancing, but I’m going to practice in it and see how it goes. I finished the hem with ribbon – it looks pretty, but sweet christ is was a pain in the ass. I always forget how damn slippery ribbon is, and you sew it and it keeps scootching over. Ugh. But so pretty. (The last picture, I’m holding my hair up because I’d just finished practicing, and was sweating balls.)

And then, on a roll, I made the necklace to go with the outfit. I don’t have alot of experience making jewelry, and have never really used jump rings before, but it was surprisingly easy, and I loooooove it.

Now all I’ve got left is to make the hair decoration (remove the stem from a silk flower and slap it on a hairclip, basically), sew up the hip scarf (which hopefully will be nowhere near as much trouble as the skirt – I love the skirt, but every estimate I made about how long a step would take, it actually took at least three times as long), and sew the elastic straps on my ballet slippers (they’re attached at one end only, so you can adjust them yourself so they cross over your arch; so, you have to sew the other ends down). I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out how I’m styling my hair and what makeup I’m wearing, so…yeah. Psyched. Just need to finish getting the actual choreography down. You know, just a tiny thing. (Yeah, right.) I’m getting there, but the very last bit has a lot of turning, and it’s still too easy for me to get hypnotized and want to keep turning with the same move when it’s time to switch to a different turning move. Also, some of the parts I still have to count out the steps – I really want to keep that counting mental, and not have my lips move, too. Not that I really do that. Much. No, really, almost not at all, but I’d like to make the choreography as automatic as possible, so my body can just go on autopilot, and maybe I can smile out at the audience even, instead of concentrating so hard on not fucking up. 🙂


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