Sweet! I’ve got six yards ironing done, and ripped the fabric into three 13″ strips (each 6 yards long). Next, I have to cut some of the strips into smaller pieces, to sew onto other pieces and make them longer. I’ll end up with one ten yard length (one six yard strip plus a four yard strip), one five yard strip (cut down from a six yard length), and one two yard length. Or possibly one two and a half yard length. The directions I’m working from specify a two yard length for the top tier, but I’ve finally managed to get the ruffle foot set to a 2:1 ruffle, so if I start with 6 inches, the finished ruffled edge is 3 inches. This is what I need if I’m going to ruffle the 10 yard length to 5 yards, to sew onto the 5 yard length. So, it would be easiest to keep the ruffle foot set as it is, and ruffle the 5 yard length down by half – so, 2.5 yards for the top tier. But that might be too bulky, so maybe two yards would be better? I really, really, really don’t want the skirt’s weight pulling the skirt off me while I’m dancing. Anyway, so the fabric’s more or less prepped, now I’ve just got a ton of sewing ahead of me. And then I have to decide whether to just hem the bottom of the skirt, or whether to put some decorative finishing on it (like satin, or something).

Anyway, here’s the fabric I’m using for the skirt:

And here’s the fabric for the hip scarf (which is damned hard to photograph, being all translucent and sparkly and stuff):


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